Dead Beautiful

I have always wonder why some people who are perfectly perfect have plastic surgery.  Don’t get me wrong,  I believe there is a definite need to fix things if there is either a psychological or physical reason for it.  If it’s just to stop your ass sagging or to remove wrinkles then I don’t think it’s a necessary procedure.


I mean it’s surgery right?  This always comes with a huge risk.  I just read a story about a former Miss Argentina who died after having surgery to make her ass look better. Solange Magnano was only 38 years old….how saggy could it be!  Surely there is diet and exercise which I have found to be great in making you look younger because you look fitter and you glow with health.

You may think well, she was in Argentina and it wouldn’t be safe there.  BUT….it’s quite common now for people to go to places like Thailand and Argentina for this type of procedure because it’s so expensive here.   Sure, there are a LOT of doctors who wouldn’t perform some on the operations that patients want and this then makes the patient go to Thailand where as long as you have the $$ you can have whatever you want.   So who’s fault is it?


2 thoughts on “Dead Beautiful

  1. Great post. I am not a fan of plastic surgery. I would bet that her behind looked much better than many yet to her it was “saggy”. I agree, do squats, it’s safer and cheaper. Or better yet, and here’s a novel idea, what about accepting that you are aging(not that she was old) and after kids, after you reach your mid 30’s it’s perfectly NORMAL for your body to change. I had surgery and it was scary, I can’t imagine electing to go under for the sake of vanity. NO WAY. Complications can arise so why risk it if you don’t have to, especially since she has kids. THey should be more important to her than what her rear looks like.

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