Hold That Tiger!

Wow Tiger Woods really is a bad driver! (Pun Intended)


Seriously people one minute the guy has a dumb accident and runs over a fire hydrant and next there are women coming out of the woodwork saying they have had affairs with him or denying they had.  Come on guys!  Jaimee Grubbs is just jumping on the Tiger bandwagon and she is grubby by name and by nature.

The guy is a GOLFER get it?  that’s what he does.  If he wants to go screw someone then is it really any of our business?  We love him because of his ability to play golf.  He has never pushed he is squeaky clean, that’s a tag the media has given him.   I’m just waiting on someone with a blue dress with semen stains on it to pop up next just like Monica did.

I still haven’t got over that one….I mean what woman would keep a dress for 2 years with a stain like that on it unless you thought you could use it later for leverage?

Here’s a shout out to all the celebrities out there who are screwing around….NEVER EVER send text messages!   Fergie’s husband has been notably NOT by her side since the stripper came forward and showed her messages from him.   So, get a disposable cell phone that can’t be traced and the throw it in the ocean if anyone ever comes forward.   Or better still….just don’t do it.


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