One of the best Fractures We’ve ever seen!

That’s what the doctors had to say to me after my MRI and the results of my X-Ray were revealed.  It seems I managed to shattered my tibial plateau which is not that rare (if you are a pedestrian hit by a car it happens a lot apparently) but I being the over achiever I am managed to do it on BOTH sides of my knee and one fracture was from the middle to the back of the knee.  Go Me!

It was decided that I wouldn’t be operated on that night which was great becauses Hungry Jack’s was still open so hubby raced off on a mercy dash for food.   When he got back I took two bites and threw up…damn those drugs!   They moved me up to a rather nice ward witih one other bed and a lady who had been operated on that day…I could tell by her groans and begging for more drugs.

Finally, after about 6 hours I was settled into my ward with my stylish red and black knee brace on and a promise of more visits in the morning.


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