That’s No How You Take An X-Ray!

Floating into Wangaratta Hospital on my cloud of morphine I discovered that when you arrive by ambulance you can jump the queue entirely and get into the Emergency Room immediately…no waiting (remember that tip!)

I was greeted by a wonderful male nurse who’s name I think was Roger (I could be wrong though…like I said I was on drugs)  He was wonderful and really lifted my spirits despite the pain I was still feeling.   What felt like about 15 minutes later a couple of doctors arrived and decided to put a brace on my leg which sounded scary but actually when they did it, it did relieve the pain a lot…Roger my nurse tucked me in with another blanket and I drifted…

What felt like 5 minutes later I was off to X-Ray….here I was greet by a young giggling girl who said something along the lines of  Hi I am (giggle so I didn’t get her name)  I’m a student and I will be taking your X-Rays..ooookay.   She then proceeded to take OFF the lovely knee brace which had be put on 5 minutes later and then I made an astounding discovery….X-Ray people are Masochists  They will get the X-Ray of whatever they want despite how much pain it gives the patient.

The main problem for the source of pain was they were trying to line up my knee and my ankle to take a shot of my knee, unfortunately they didn’t notice my knee was actually dislocated so they were trying to break my ankle to get it into the correct position.   I can honest say though big brave silent tears coming out of the corner of my eye were REAL…..

Happily, I returned to Roger and the first thing he said was “Oh No, they didn’t take the brace of did they?”

“Yes, they did!” I said through brave tears!

Roger again patted me and got the doctors back in.  By this time I learnt they were Ben, Daniel and Mohammed (whom later I was to fondly call The Three Stooges)  They authorised ,better stronger drugs and told me they may operate tonight…(hmm ok) I was straving but no soup for you till a decision is made.


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