The Installation of my own private TV Antennae

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet it what happened next with my knee (though it’s not really my knee but the bit it sits on)

First off, my leg looked like a front row forward’s.  Also the fact it was Winter and I hadn’t gotten around to shaving it didn’t help (much to my embarrassment! (Mum was right about always having clean undies but why didn’t she mention shaving your legs!)  My wonderful three stooges were very impressed with my fracture and were itching to get at me.   As it was so swollen it was decided to put on what they call an external fixation device…I had no idea what that was but signed the paperwork anyway as I need to get fixed..and soonish!

So the day after my accident I found myself being wheeled off into surgery to have this device fitted…I woke up and discovered THIS on my leg!

I could nearly get SBS with this thing!

Remember how they said I did a really good job on myself….well they were right…..despite my every confidence in Prue (the ortho specialist and her team of the three stooges) it was decided they need to transfer me to Royal Melbourne to have my operation.

“When?”  I asked

“Possibly today” they said….at which point I cried because tomorrow was my 3rd wedding anniversary and my husband wasn’t there and I may not see him before they transferred me…..personally I blame the drugs…I seemed to cry over little things and a few big ones to.

One thing I was later to learn was there is no such thing as NOW in transfer to Melbourne would take a further 3 days so I laid around and watched TV whilst joking around with the lovely lady in the bed next to me.


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