Wangaratta Hospital Got the Moves like Jagger

I must say whilst Wangaratta Hospital is in a regional centre, if you are going to have to stay in hospital for any length of time it’s not too bad a place to be.

Remember the old days when you had a menu you filled out every morning for your food the next day?  Well, nothing so bourgeois for Wang Hospital…even morning a nice lady comes around with a IPad looking thing and reads out the menu to you and you just say what you want…the next day it magically appears .

I will also say they have doctors there who know their stuff.   They were great and spoke PATIENT speak and you could also set your clock to when they would arrive each, two or all of the three stooges every morning.

Bad things I can say would be this…Dinner is WAY too early!  and no evening cuppa and a bickie like at the big hospitals.

The major bad thing though are the nurses..not that the nurses themselves are bad….I love them but it seems obvious that there is a real shortage of nurses in regional areas.   They need to be paid more and as a patient it’s weird having a different face every single shirt for 10 days.  Contracted nurses are no different to the ones the hospitals used to employ themselves.   They are dedicated, friendly and tireless workers who should be paid more (this was not a paid announcement)  but I missed the consistency of having the same nurse each say who knew my little idiosyncrasies all 4 billion of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand shift changes etc.  but I spent 10 days in that hospital and the night nurse was the only one I had for more than 2 nights.  It’s about making patients comfortable and consistent nursing adds to it…..we bond!


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