Why #vilekyle will win

Kyle and Jackie O

OK so there has been debate going for nearly a week about Kyle Sandilands and his behaviour earlier this week.

There have been numerous articles, blogs, TV discussion etc on the topic so I don’t feel I have to rehash old news but this is why Kyle will win.   See whilst the sponsors walk away and show their support of “We the People” really he’s got one more week of radio to go then he’s off air anyway till the New Year.   Ratings period will be over so maybe he just wants to take off a week early.

Kyle has never been one to think first and talk later (and no I am not defending him)  He likes to stir and he likes to get a reaction.  Most of the time we shake our heads and state how outraged we are but are we truly outraged or are we feeding the beast?

Interestingly whilst the petition  to get Kyle off the air now has over 20,000 signatures, the one to keep him on http://twitition.com/ipcyv has 94.   What does this tell Austereo, the sponsors and people in general?   I think we as the silent majority have finally decided NOT to be silent and to use the power of the people to rid ourselves of someone who has continually crossed our boundaries of good and decent but it STILL isn’t working.

Kyle states he has “freedom of speech” this is probably right considering he’s in the US but we do not have that here in Australia.  We have defamation laws and Apprehended Violence Orders.  I would urge Alison Stephenson to seek both of these options to show just how much “freedom of speech” Kyle has in this country.

I still can’t understand that Austereo kowtows to this man.   But, like I said, in another week he will be off the air for a month.   By the time that’s up many of us would have forgotten it and moved on to the next outrage…until he does it again….and of course he will..ask Geoff Field, Fiona Cahill, Charlotte  Dawson, Jessica Mouboy. Ricki Lee Coulter and  Kate DeAraugo to name a few.   But in the end he will have won because next year he will be doing exactly what he’s doing now…laughing all the way to the bank.


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