Molly Meldrum “I Can’t Wait To Go Home”

Ian (Molly) Meldrum

For those of you NOT in Australia you will probably have no idea who Molly Meldrum is….if not either read on and learn about a wonderful Aussie Icon or go read my story on The War of The Cotton Bud ūüôā

The reason I call Molly Meldrum an Aussie Icon is simple….he’s part of my teens and I am sure, part of the growing years of most Australians. ¬† Growing up I regularly tuned into Countdown (a music video show which ran from 1994-1987) I remember him stuttering through an interview sans his now trademark¬†Stetson hat with Prince Charles….I remember him showing 2 seconds of Fernando because it had been number 1 for 14 weeks and we were all over it! ¬†I remember him being the victim of many a prank on Hey Hey It’s Saturday and more recently I remember him jumping into a pool in the middle of winter on the Sunrise breakfast TV Show…just because he was dared to. ¬†That’s the kind of over the top person Molly is.

Molly is character no doubt about that! ¬†But he isn’t just a household Australian name…many of the top musicians in the world know and respect him and call him Molly..just like we do.

On 15 December 2011, our Molly had a fall from a ladder in his own home and was seriously injured.¬†As well as head injuries, he suffered a broken shoulder, broken ribs, a punctured lung and cracked vertebrae. ¬†As we say in Australia, he really did “Come a gutser” ¬†I am sure many of us thought we would lose our dear Molly. ¬†The outpouring of well wishes…not only from Celebrities but from the average Joe was immediate and immense.

Now, some two months later Molly is finally getting ready to come home. ¬†He is still suffering from post-traumatic amnesia, which includes short term memory loss and disorientation but he’s still with us and he’s getting stronger every day.

Molly went you do get home. ¬†Check out facebook, search your name on Twitter….If that does not lift your heart..then nothing will. ¬† I am sure I am not the only person who wishes you all the best for your ongoing rehab and I hope to see you gracing our TV screens again in the future. ¬† Until then, be well, stay blessed and remember….you are loved.


One thought on “Molly Meldrum “I Can’t Wait To Go Home”

  1. G’day Mr Molly

    Glad your getting better, though was scared and worry after hearing you got hurt, let them young ones do hard work for you, maybe cute men in tight shorts?! Hmmmm………… Ah sorry was day dreaming, all the best, your in my prayers and dreams too, lol I’d dreamt you last night, holding your dog, I’d asked if you were ok? Your reply was a big smile and a thumbs up, lmao, cheeky mate! >.<

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