What the $#%@ is a Love Coach?

Karen needed a Love Coach

If you’ve ever looked at your profile and felt like something might be missing, this story is for you.

Karen had just joined a dating site. For her providing the basic information was no problem, but when she faced the “Who Am I?” portion of her new dating profile, Karen felt what many singles do—paralysis.

“I know who I am, but how do I convey my personality through my profile?” she wondered. What were the qualities the right person would appreciate about her, and how could she illustrate them in an appealing way? What exactly was she looking for in a relationship, and what were the traits her mate had to have?

Karen struggled to come up with enough of an answer to meet the requirement for an essay’s minimum length. “I knew that if I wanted my profile approved, I’d better write something,” she laughs. But what to write, and how to write it?

As a love coach I  gave Karen the insights she was after because I  know nearly everything there is to know about dating profiles. During our love coach session, Karen received a thorough review of her profile and personalised advice on how to get better responses—from the right people.

“I figured that she would know what a ‘great’ profile looks like,” Karen says, explaining her decision to schedule a Love Coach Session with me. “So why not get some expert advice?”

I helped Karen by giving  her a bunch of personalised profile-writing pointers. One tip was to write your profile as if you’re talking to your date over a cup of coffee. A casual, conversational voice is not only more fun to read, it gives the reader a better feel for who you are and how you talk. “Jackie said to think about the kind of things I would tell someone about myself,” Karen remembers. “She also read through my profile, line by line, and gave direct feedback on it.”

To punctuate the flashes of humor in Karen’s writing, I suggested that Karen throw in an “LOL” or two. I also advised that it was important to be smiling in her profile photos, as this creates a friendly and approachable vibe. Karen was in good shape there—she had a nice smile in every shot. Finally, I explained how specific tweaks would help Karen’s essay garner more responses from the people she hoped to hear from.

“I took her advice and made the suggested adjustments,” Karen says. “I have received more contact from men, more views, and have started communicating with more people. The Love Coach session  is incredible and has really enhanced my online dating experience. Thanks, Jackie!”

You’re welcome Karen 🙂

One thing you really need to think about….if you are sick you go to the Doctor…if you wanted to get fit you would go to the gym and perhaps get yourself a personal trainer.   Having a love coach is exactly the same but it’s about helping you find happiness and love…and isn’t that the BEST thing you can find?

If you feel love coaching could help you, feel free to contact me  jackie@lovecoach.com.au


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