Three Little Word Online Daters Hate!

If it was only this simple

You know, over the past few weeks I have really been checking out various online profiles and discovered one of the things that everyone says they hate reading. Three little words called Find Out Later. I can hear you right now, “Yeah I hate that when I read a profile and it’s full of those”

Well, to those of you who have taken the time to complete their profile thoroughly WELL DONE! Now, for the rest of you!

Did you know that the ONLY way that someone if going to find you is if you complete your profile?  People perform searches on things like religious preferences, ethnicity, height and even keywords in your profile  like kayaking, fishing, sport, wine, cooking etc. So without that information they are literally searching for a needle in a haystack and YOU are the needle!

Your profile is your chance to make a good first impression on someone so sharing something of yourself with them in VERY important. A person who is not fully committed to the idea of meeting someone online probably hasn’t completed their profile or has dozens of them on every free dating site they can find.  They have the concept that there is someone out there that is perfect for them and by setting up a profile on a  multitude of websites they can sit back and wait for the responses to roll it.

They rarely search for people they are interested in and when they do, they generally just send them a wink or a flirt without ever having a profile complete and then wonder why no-one ever replies. So it’s the site’s fault right? No!, when someone receives a message from you the very first thing they will do is read your profile, if there is nothing there then you aren’t likely to get a reply. A person who doesn’t create a good profile is almost guaranteed to fail on any online dating site and in the process take a hit to their ego because by the time they give up, they feel like everyone can find someone online except for them so they just keep cancelling their free profile and move on to the next site. No commitment and just a little more jaded about the whole online dating process.

From my experiences those who have the best chance of finding love on the internet are the most willing to put the effort into it. They research the sites to find which one is the best for them, they carefully create their profile and update it constantly so that it really shows off who they are. When they look for people they like, they send emails not just flirts.

So don’t wait to hear from a friend about how they just got engaged to someone they met online, take the time and the effort to get rid of those find out laters. Remember, if you were selling a car you wouldn’t put an ad in the newspaper saying “Car For Sale…Find out later” so why sell yourself short?

Aren’t you your greatest asset? Don’t you deserve for that special someone to find you?

The best thing that you can do for yourself go to your profile right now and pretend it was someone else’s profile. Is it negative? Does it just say the same thing as lots of other profiles?  Does it really reflect the sort of person you are and what you are seeking? If not, revise it right now…and let’s see how much better those responses will be…


One thought on “Three Little Word Online Daters Hate!

  1. Great post! I totally agree with you! And while I think it’s ok to leave a little mystery in a dating profile, it’s not ok to just be lazy or unfocused about it and expect good results. Cheers!

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