What Would You Do For Love?

Before I blog about this I would like you to take the time to watch this video

I will be honest…this video had me in tears……to know that someone so young and vibrant died so young and within days of getting married.  But, perhaps that’s what marriage (and I include all relationships)  is all about.  Being there in sickness and in health.

Love is not easy and some walk away too soon and too easily.  But there are those who don’t and this is one of those stories.   Katie isn’t a celebrity like Jane Goodall, she wasn’t on Oprah like Christian Anderson, she was just a young woman who had lung cancer and before she died she wanted to marry Nick….the love of her life.

There are many things that Katie will never have, she will never be a mother or a grandmother, she will never have a honeymoon or a mortgage or worry about the Global Financial Crisis or ways to stop Kony.    One thing she will have is her legacy, the story of a brave woman who could still smile and managed to find love and a man who truly believed in “For better or Worse”

Well done Nick Goodwin….I truly hope you find future happiness and love….Katie would want that.

As I was writing this post I got an email from my husband.  This is what it said

Hello my baby, This is just a short note to tell you how much l love you Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Darren”

It amazes me how he always knows somehow when something upsets me….we truly are connected and I am  a very very lucky woman…for better or worse….now I am off for another cry 🙂




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