Perhaps If You Had A Vagina…..

Joe Hildebrand has been EVERYWHERE lately….filling up my TV screen on Sunrise, QandA, The Morning Show and The Project.  I’m not sure whether he considers himself a comedian or a journalist first as he often goes for the lame joke or the controversial statement.

Joe is also an avid Twitter user and around a month ago tweeted that Sydney Airport Terminal staff were handicapped. (Paraphrasing) this caused some what of a stir but nothing can compare with his most recent faux pas in which he assured us “to be frank” that if our Prime Minister Julia Gillard had had children she would be a better Prime Minister.  You can read the entire article here

Here is the specific paragraph to with I refer

“And, to be frank, the fact that Gillard has no children perhaps also limits her exposure to what’s happening in the world outside the rarefied corridors of Canberra or the Melbourne dinner party set. If the PM moved in broader circles or had better political instincts then this would not be an issue but it seems as though she needs every avenue to the outside world she can get and kids can be a great – if often unwelcome – conduit to what’s really going on. Having said that, this is of course a deeply personal matter and entirely one for her. It merely presents as one reason why she may be so insulated from popular opinion.”

So perhaps with this logic we could also add that if Ms Gillard had a penis she would better be able to understand men or maybe if she was a quadriplegic she would have a better understanding of the plight of a disabled person or perhaps if she was a journalist she would have a better understanding of Joe Hildebrand.

Don’t get me wrong…much of Joe’s commentary on the rise and fall of the Australian Labor Party is pretty spot on….except his belief that unless you have had children yourself you can’t be in touch with those who do.   It’s a ridiculous statement on so many levels.    Do you have to BE gay to believe in marriage equality?  Do you have to BE a refugee to understand why so many seek asylum? Do you have to BE a chef to cook a good meal?

Perhaps if Joe Hildebrand had a vagina he would better understand why women find the comments he made both offensive and irrelevant to the debate.


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