The End Of Summer

This morning I awoke to the sad news that Donna Summer had passed away.  In a weird way this lady and her music is interwoven into so many stages of my life.

Donna Summer

I remember when we were in the disco in the 80”s if you heard “Last Dance” come on you knew you had to get up for one last dance as the DJ always played that song at the end of the night.

She works Hard For The Money”  was the song in your head when you got up at 6am to catch the 7am bus to work.  “Love to Love You Baby”  had sounds in it that you had never heard before in your life but gave you an inkling of what good sex sounded like….even it if was with yourself!

Then there was the classic MacArthur ParkRichard Harris originally sang it but Donna knocked it out of the park literally with her own rendition.

Hot Stuff” and “Bad Girls” taught us how to strut our stuff and give attitude and of course when in love you could play “I Love You” at full volume whilst scribbling down Mrs. <Insert lastname of boy you are hopelessly in love with here> on the inside cover of a school  book.  Of  course, when the eventual break up happened you could sit with a box of tissues listening to “Can’t We Just Sit Down (and talk it over) or if you were angry you could listen to No More Tears (Enough is Enough)” and listen to Barbra and Donna tell you that breaking up was the for the best.

It was a much more innocent time back then.   I was so much younger and wide eyed and a lot less cynical than I am now.  My first true love and I danced cross the room while the glitterball span over our heads and we enjoyed young love and just the fun of being together.

So, thank you Donna Summer for being such a memory in my life and whenever I hear your music it will still transport me back to an era where cork platform shoes ruled and satin pants with huge flares were stylish and having a bad perm was actually cool.  I will never forget you.

Below is my favourite song mainly because of the words.  Sorry about the quality but it’s the only one I could find


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