Let the Blames Begin!

And The Loser Is….

Phew!  That’s it then….the cauldron is out….the flags folded and packed away until Rio and thousands of athletes, officials and supporters make their way back home… but for Australian athletes their homecoming may not be as wonderful as their expectations were before they got on the plane.

You see some of them had the hide to “Only manage to get a Silver Medal” and some didn’t even do that!  They only got a bronze!  and others well others got nothing at all!   How dare they dash our hopes and dreams like that!  But really who’s hopes and dreams were the ones dashed?

James Magnussen arrived it London as the heir apparent to the “Thorpedo” legacy.  In fact we even called him “The Missile” just because that’s as close to Thorpedo as we could get….but he “only managed to get Silver”….albeit by 0.01 of a second or about the thickness of a butterfly wing but it was still second dammit!  It appears our “Missile” was (according to our media) about as successful as North Korea when they tried to launch a similar device.

Then of course there was the Hockey, the Diving, the Cycling and BMX (is that really an Olympic sport!?) again close but no golden banana.

It was left to “lesser” none glamour sports to make us feel good about ourselves….Sailing answered the call and brought home 3 Gold medals…Sally Pearson and Anna Meares did not suffer death by Tall Poppy Syndrome and despite the pressure scored Gold in their specific fields of expertise and our Canoe Sprint team sprinted as required for yet another Gold medal giving us a total of  7 gold medals…but we only managed 16 Silver and 12 Bronze.

Forget that Jared Tallent walked 50kms achieving a personal best or that little Brittany Broben at the age of 16 managed to pull out all stops and put several more seasoned competitors into lower positions.  Let’s not mention that Stephen Solomon qualified in the Men’s 400m final and was the first Australian man to do so in 27 years I mean he came dead last in the final but as he said “Someone has to come last and today was my turn”

I mean we are still in the top 10 of sporting nations in the World.  We even managed to beat Kazakhstan and New Zealand to name a few.  Jamaica may have Usain Bolt but we got more medals so there!

So John Coates  of the Australian Olympic Committee has blamed the presidents and chief executives our sporting bodies….and in an Olivertwistic fashion screams “Please Sir I want some more!”…money that is.

Someone else blamed the Government…though I don’t get that one as I have yet to see any of our Ministers win a Gold Medal at any Olympic event.   One of the athlete’s even blamed Twitter because it kept them up half the night (presumably by the sound of tweeting)

So, I ask you this….why do we NEED to lay “blame” why can’t we say well we didn’t do as good as we did in Sydney but we kicked arse compared to Montreal….that’s if you are medal and statistically focused.  Alternatively, you may want to look at as another Olympics finished and all our athletes did the best they could do on the day……after all…I haven’t met an athelete yet who aims to do their worse….unless of course you are in the Chinese Badminton team!…..but that’s another story


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