Find Me The Right Guy

Searching for the right guy online can be frustrating

At least twice a day I have a woman who is new to love coaching who’s first sentence to me is “Find Me The Right Guy!!”

I would like you all to know it’s not possible…..why?  Because I am not YOU!

You see we all have our own special type of  “look” we prefer to others….for some it’s the GQ look, for other it’s more preppy and for others still its goatees and shaved heads that rock their boat and isn’t that wonderful!  See life would be pretty boring if we all liked one type of man.

When I ask what the “right” guy is I get a variety of answers but for most women it’s a guy who’s attentive to her…doesn’t screw around or drink too much…who’s got a J.O.B and SINGLE!  There is one way to find the right guy for you and that’s to get out there and find him.

Online there are a variety of sites which range from super huge membership like to many of the niche sites.   I recommend that the niche sites are the way to go and here’s a few reasons why.   Online dating is like being at a party but instead of a guy spotting you in a crowd of say 50 other women and coming over to talk to you….you are at a party with thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

Online Love

This is where niche sites work best as you are able to connect with other singles of similar interests….sites like or cater to people looking for a specific belief or dating style.  There are also sites for BBW’s and people with Herpes (yes I said Herpes) HIV, Seniors, people with disabilities and Pet Lovers and the list goes on and on.   So by connecting to smaller sites, whilst there is a smaller membership base, the chances of finding people with whom you have things in common are greatly increased…in other words you have more chance of finding the “right guy”

Google is your friend…think about the types of things you would like to do or qualities you would like in a man and google that word and the word dating…you will be surprised at the number of sites around that cater for any interest or moral.

Lastly I don’t recommend the bigger sites…it’s very easy to get lost in the sea of faces and site like E-Harmony where you have to rely on them to knowing your type….based on a questionnaire.  Computer do not get human chemistry and just because you both like the colour red does not  a perfect match make.

So get yourself out there and find the right guy….sure he may be looking for you too but we all know men never stop to ask directions when they are lost 🙂


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