Is Online Dating Still Cheating If You’re Married?

They have been married for 11 years and a year after their second one was born, Louise had accidentally left her laptop open on her online dating profile.  The website was for married people looking for quick, anonymous sexual meetings.  Michael accidentally bumped her mouse and suddenly his world came crashing down when he realised his loving, ‘faithful’ wife was in contact with men who only wanted a quick and intimate fling.

The thing is:  The sex had always been great between them until after the kids… especially the second one. Michael figured she was tired….after all she worked full time and there were the kids to deal with….he figured this was the reason there was so little time for the intimacy they once shared.  Things between them was still great… perfect if you may;  best friends who enjoyed each other’s company, who made all the decisions together, exchanged “I love you’s on the phone etc – everything was GREAT!….except for the lack of interest in sex on her part.

The two have always shared a great level of trust to the extent that Michael really felt betrayed.  He never in a million years would have suspected his wife to be THAT kind of woman. When he decided to confront her, she didn’t deny it. In fact she admitted that she had been doing it for the past four months but it was something harmless…just a bit of fun – it wasn’t like she would actually sleep with the men she had been having erotic conversations with.  She just wanted to feel sexy and wanted and the object of someone’s affection again.

Michael saw it as a betrayal…of both him and their family.  He still doesn’t know whether to believe her story or not.  She is a good mother, wife and his best friend, she’s promised not to do it again EVER!… but….the trust is lost and Michael is trying very hard to forget the images of his semi-naked wife online telling men her deepest sexual desires.  The thing that hurts Michael most is her lack of interest in sex with him and yet she explains in vivid details what she would do with a stranger… He worries there is something she is looking for in those other men that he can’t fulfill. That quite frankly he’s just not good enough to meet her needs and desires anymore.

Michael is now contemplating leaving her wife but he doesn’t want the kids to be raised in a broken home… and remarrying has been something he has never wanted to do because he thought she was IT!

Do you think this is a deal breaker?  Should he stick it out and try to re-build the trust or just divorce her? Is it all just a fantasy thing for Louise? Besides the broken trust, there is still the issue of their sex life.  Can they really work it out if he was to try?


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