What If?

what-ifRecently a local girl known to me was killed in a single car crash.   The cause of the crash was texting whilst driving.  Personally, I don’t own a mobile phone so that’s one thing I am not guilty of but does this mean we should ban phones from all cars? or indeed ban them entirely?

You see,  blame is a very easy thing to do as long as you are laying it and not expected to take it.

Mel Greig and Michael Christian managed to do something previously unheard of…..they managed to call a hospital and trick staff into giving out information on Princess Katherine’s medical condition.  Did they think it through? Probably not.  Did the station executives and lawyers see this a coupe sure to get ratings?  Of course they did.

You see, the entire focus of the prank was the Princess.  Not the nursing staff.

When Jacintha Saladanha committed suicide over the weekend it was a terrible tragic thing but no one could have known this would be the outcome of this prank so I don’t believe any blame should be given to the radio show hosts or indeed that station.

For example, if  a person defaults on their mortgage then eventually the mortgage holder will come and seize the property  Under certain circumstances this may be the final straw and the mortgage holder commits suicide.   Is this the fault of the bank?

Was it the fault of phone company who created the phone that the young girl I mentioned earlier? If she didn’t have a phone she would still be alive.

What if …….the world is full of them……What if the station had successfully obtained permission, what if Prince Katherine didn’t have extreme morning sickness, what if someone other than Jacintha had answered the phone.

But it didn’t. There are no what if’s  in this case….all these things happened.

As another example, Kyle Sandilands whilst on air called a woman a “fat slag”  What if this was HER final straw and she had taken her life?  Compare this to the actions and reactions of Greig and Christian.  I am not making them the victims.  Clearly we ALL need to stop playing the blame game in this tragic event. Chances are they won’t work in their chosen profession again.   Punishing them will achieve nothing just be thankful it’s not you how will have to live with it for the rest of your life.


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