The Kindness Of Strangers

waterToday, was probably one of the worst days of my life…..and the best. Today, we ran out of water, unexpectedly and if you have lived on a farm you will know that it’s the worst thing that can happen…you can’t shower or do the washing or even brush your teeth. No water means NO WATER

For those who don’t know a couple of years ago I was in an accident that winded up with me being disabled and I went from a wonderful well paying job to living on the disability pension. What savings we had pretty much went to living and whilst times have been hard, we’ve survived.

I thought I had pretty much everything under control, food in the freezer, rent paid, electricity paid….sure I only had $50 in my pocket but that was ok until next week…..until we ran out of water. I called our local council to ask for help but as we aren’t really a “farm” (you have to have an income over $25,000 which we never have) we were not entitled to drought assistance.  North East Water only care if you are on their mains and we are on tank water,  Centrelink will help pay an electricity bill but not give you cash for water. I had no idea where else to turn and nothing but air coming out of the tap.

I am a strong, proud, independent woman, despite my disability I rarely ask for help….but sometimes you have to be strong enough to show a weakness and ask for help and believe me it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

So, I sent a tweet about my distress and thankfully someone was there. @JennaPrice, was the first to come to my rescue. She called and asked what I needed….one thing I will say about Jenna is she sure knows how to rally the troops.

So was created and immediately complete strangers were sending through donations to help me!

People who I’d never met and probably never will…people who understood what it was like to be on a farm without water, people who, from the goodness of their hearts, gave what they could to this strange quirky lady they knew from twitter.

In less than 12 hours I had the funds to fill one of my tanks (about a month’s worth of water) Phew!!…now I can plan and budget for the next lot so it won’t happen again.

Thank you Jenna for the rally calls, thank you to those who donated, retweeted and commiserated with me. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you…now please excuse me while I have a good cry of joy and relief…….then have a shower


The Water Man Cometh!


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