Perhaps If You Had A Vagina…..

Joe Hildebrand has been EVERYWHERE lately….filling up my TV screen on Sunrise, QandA, The Morning Show and The Project.  I’m not sure whether he considers himself a comedian or a journalist first as he often goes for the lame joke or the controversial statement.

Joe is also an avid Twitter user and around a month ago tweeted that Sydney Airport Terminal staff were handicapped. (Paraphrasing) this caused some what of a stir but nothing can compare with his most recent faux pas in which he assured us “to be frank” that if our Prime Minister Julia Gillard had had children she would be a better Prime Minister.  You can read the entire article here

Here is the specific paragraph to with I refer

“And, to be frank, the fact that Gillard has no children perhaps also limits her exposure to what’s happening in the world outside the rarefied corridors of Canberra or the Melbourne dinner party set. If the PM moved in broader circles or had better political instincts then this would not be an issue but it seems as though she needs every avenue to the outside world she can get and kids can be a great – if often unwelcome – conduit to what’s really going on. Having said that, this is of course a deeply personal matter and entirely one for her. It merely presents as one reason why she may be so insulated from popular opinion.”

So perhaps with this logic we could also add that if Ms Gillard had a penis she would better be able to understand men or maybe if she was a quadriplegic she would have a better understanding of the plight of a disabled person or perhaps if she was a journalist she would have a better understanding of Joe Hildebrand.

Don’t get me wrong…much of Joe’s commentary on the rise and fall of the Australian Labor Party is pretty spot on….except his belief that unless you have had children yourself you can’t be in touch with those who do.   It’s a ridiculous statement on so many levels.    Do you have to BE gay to believe in marriage equality?  Do you have to BE a refugee to understand why so many seek asylum? Do you have to BE a chef to cook a good meal?

Perhaps if Joe Hildebrand had a vagina he would better understand why women find the comments he made both offensive and irrelevant to the debate.


I’m all a Twitter

I'm a Twit

I have had a twitter account for AGES…..I think since 2008 but I never really used it because I just didn’t want to see the crap that people like Ashton Kutcher etc. had to say.

It the past 4 months I set out on an expedition of sorts to see what Twitter was all about and you know what it’s a real eye opener.  There are lots of REAL people out there.   Most are a lot more highbrow that those I meet on facebook who are basically simple folk who want to play games with you….the idea of twitter is you invade someone’s tweet and comment on something they say and hope they reply back.

After a while you get followers who come and go I guess based on if they like what you have to say.   I have met some truly wonderful people who have become part of my daily tweeting routine.  Please allow me to plug them for a moment because they deserve it.. People like  DaniG88,   thisisScoManPupsyWupsySocrates1975 and timotheospeter are just regular folk like me…our common bond being our love of The Project on TV so we tend to joke around with their resident twit…we have in fact bonded and I discovered two of them live less then 20kms from me…Go Figure right?

There is also the other side…the “Celebrity” tweeters.  Now I guess what you consider a celebrity varies in line with your personal taste….I found myself following many Australian comedy people, the sunrise people, the project people and various people I just found fun and interesting and who I thought had something to say or that I could say to them.

There are some truly wonderful Aussie out there who represent us….and a few Kiwis but more of that later :)  There are also quite a few international people who really appreciate that you are a “fan”

And guess what they are just real people like you and I…..

I have tweeted regularly with Melissa Hoyer, Wendy Harmer, Charlotte Dawson, Sam McMillan, Jules Schiller, Amanda Woods, Michael C Hall (Dexter) and yes even my idol Richard Gere replied to one of my tweets.

Let me say this about how unaffected these people are.

Charlotte Dawson remembered me having an accident and asked how I was doing and to let her know how things were going….I was truly touched as I am sure she has a lot more than me tweeting her

Wendy Harmer and I have often discussed articles on her Hoopla site which I am also now addicted to.

I tried to help Amanda Woods find a Christmas tree and Michael C Hall gave me a shoutout on my birthday…I felt kinda special

I also saw the power of the people.  When Kylie Sandilands made his comments about a female journo it was the power of twitter than had people contacting organisations to withdraw their sponsorship from his radio show…..and they did….it was the first time I had ever see the voice of the people actually achieving something in real time….I was and am proud of us for taking a stand.

So in nutshell this is what twitter is…it connects you to people you have things in common with, it allows you to peek inside the lives of people you admire, it gives you a voice against things you don’t want, it gives your creative brain as workout when being clever with the latest hashtag but most of all I think it helps us realise we are all the same…we are all just people….some are arseholes and some aren’t too bad….hell I even follow Shane Warne and you know what…he’s not a bad bloke and he loves Ms Elizabeth.

So if you think that you would like to embrace the twitterverse I highly recommend it….it gives you a voice…allows you an opinion and makes you understand the power we individuals as a group can have….so try it….I am @voodoo47 signing off

Why #vilekyle will win

Kyle and Jackie O

OK so there has been debate going for nearly a week about Kyle Sandilands and his behaviour earlier this week.

There have been numerous articles, blogs, TV discussion etc on the topic so I don’t feel I have to rehash old news but this is why Kyle will win.   See whilst the sponsors walk away and show their support of “We the People” really he’s got one more week of radio to go then he’s off air anyway till the New Year.   Ratings period will be over so maybe he just wants to take off a week early.

Kyle has never been one to think first and talk later (and no I am not defending him)  He likes to stir and he likes to get a reaction.  Most of the time we shake our heads and state how outraged we are but are we truly outraged or are we feeding the beast?

Interestingly whilst the petition  to get Kyle off the air now has over 20,000 signatures, the one to keep him on has 94.   What does this tell Austereo, the sponsors and people in general?   I think we as the silent majority have finally decided NOT to be silent and to use the power of the people to rid ourselves of someone who has continually crossed our boundaries of good and decent but it STILL isn’t working.

Kyle states he has “freedom of speech” this is probably right considering he’s in the US but we do not have that here in Australia.  We have defamation laws and Apprehended Violence Orders.  I would urge Alison Stephenson to seek both of these options to show just how much “freedom of speech” Kyle has in this country.

I still can’t understand that Austereo kowtows to this man.   But, like I said, in another week he will be off the air for a month.   By the time that’s up many of us would have forgotten it and moved on to the next outrage…until he does it again….and of course he will..ask Geoff Field, Fiona Cahill, Charlotte  Dawson, Jessica Mouboy. Ricki Lee Coulter and  Kate DeAraugo to name a few.   But in the end he will have won because next year he will be doing exactly what he’s doing now…laughing all the way to the bank.

Hold That Tiger!

Wow Tiger Woods really is a bad driver! (Pun Intended)


Seriously people one minute the guy has a dumb accident and runs over a fire hydrant and next there are women coming out of the woodwork saying they have had affairs with him or denying they had.  Come on guys!  Jaimee Grubbs is just jumping on the Tiger bandwagon and she is grubby by name and by nature.

The guy is a GOLFER get it?  that’s what he does.  If he wants to go screw someone then is it really any of our business?  We love him because of his ability to play golf.  He has never pushed he is squeaky clean, that’s a tag the media has given him.   I’m just waiting on someone with a blue dress with semen stains on it to pop up next just like Monica did.

I still haven’t got over that one….I mean what woman would keep a dress for 2 years with a stain like that on it unless you thought you could use it later for leverage?

Here’s a shout out to all the celebrities out there who are screwing around….NEVER EVER send text messages!   Fergie’s husband has been notably NOT by her side since the stripper came forward and showed her messages from him.   So, get a disposable cell phone that can’t be traced and the throw it in the ocean if anyone ever comes forward.   Or better still….just don’t do it.

Dead Beautiful

I have always wonder why some people who are perfectly perfect have plastic surgery.  Don’t get me wrong,  I believe there is a definite need to fix things if there is either a psychological or physical reason for it.  If it’s just to stop your ass sagging or to remove wrinkles then I don’t think it’s a necessary procedure.


I mean it’s surgery right?  This always comes with a huge risk.  I just read a story about a former Miss Argentina who died after having surgery to make her ass look better. Solange Magnano was only 38 years old….how saggy could it be!  Surely there is diet and exercise which I have found to be great in making you look younger because you look fitter and you glow with health.

You may think well, she was in Argentina and it wouldn’t be safe there.  BUT….it’s quite common now for people to go to places like Thailand and Argentina for this type of procedure because it’s so expensive here.   Sure, there are a LOT of doctors who wouldn’t perform some on the operations that patients want and this then makes the patient go to Thailand where as long as you have the $$ you can have whatever you want.   So who’s fault is it?