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What Will It Take?

Will Banning Guns Work?

Will Banning Guns Work?

Today when word got out there had been a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School parents rushed to the school to get their children….of these parents, twenty were taken into a separate room and told their child had been killed.  Their child would have been aged between 5 and 10 years old.   Just think about that for a moment…five….year…olds!

Today, Adam Lanza made a decision to kill.  He forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School where he killed 20 children and 7 adults.

In total at the time of writing this, 28 people have died with others seriously injured.  Would stricter gun laws have stopped this from happening?   In any society if someone WANTS to get a gun then they will.  Does the easy access to these weapons make these occurrences far too easy? Why are semi/fully automatic weapons even allowed?

It should be remembered that the USA is not alone  in this.  Australian Martin Bryant‘s rampage stole the lives of 35 people.  Anders Breivik killed 75 people in Norway.

The saying goes….guns don’t kill people…..people kill people. Do gun laws only keep people who want them for recreation or protection from getting them.?….but what if those people couldn’t have such ready access to the weapons they killed with?

To the families including those of Adam Lanza I offer you small comfort and condolences as nothing can be said or done right now to ease your pain.  I hope that some changes will come of this….for the sake of the children.